Use Little, A Little, Few, A Few

How To Use Little, A Little, Few, A Few

Here is listed some words where can use aticle A.

  • A Little
  • A Few
  • A Lot (of)

Some example is here for no using article A.

  • Little
  • Few
  • Lot (of)

An important tip is giving here for beginner.

An Important Keys to Learn

  1. A little, little use for uncountable noun.
  2. A few, few use for plural countable noun.
  3. A lot and lots are same, there is no different meaning.
  4. "A Little? and ?A Few" use there, you have something amount of anything like money, you have enough for work.
  5. "Little? and ?Few" use for we don't have enough what you need.

Article "A" uses before little or few, it does mean you have something and its positive meaning. For example: Your wife request for cinema. You tell, OK, I have a little money for cinema ticket. Here you can buy cinema ticket and watch with family. So enjoy, good luck.

Important Tips for Little or Few, I mean without "A"

If you no use article "A" before little or few, it does mean you have not enough something and its negative meaning in some topics. For example: Your friend tell you for shopping. You deny, Means, you have little money for shopping. You can not shop what you need, because have not enough money in your pocket. So stay at home, good luck.