Grammar Pronoun Exercises With Answers

Grammar Pronoun Rules Chart | Pronoun Exercises With Answers

The school life is one of the enjoful, but education matter as well as better communication. This stage of life helps to learn faster than rest so every boys and guys must learn English Grammar rules for better score and better writing. Your communication depend command on your English, It is not possible without correct rules. Here is a chart of pronouns which help you learn quick.

Pronoun Table:

Possessive Adjectives Possessive Pronoun Reflexive Pronoun
I Me My Mine Myself
You You Your Yours Yourself
He Him His His Himself
She Her Her Hers Herself
It It Its Its Itself
We Us Our Ours Ourselves
You You Your Yours Yourselves
They Them Their Theirs Themselves

Definition of Pronoun

Learn Definition of Pronoun:- What is a pronoun: A simple definition is as a word that is used instead of a noun or a noun phrase. You should understand small sentence (A word that takes the place of a noun) for pronoun definition.

Pronoun Rules Chart:-

Grammar Pronoun Rules Chart

In the examination of grade 1st to 10th standard or 12th standard and college examination to competitions, you will face pronoun questions, because it replacement of noun or other words/pharses use in place of noun so pronoun rules and its exercises are more important for all school students, college students and competition examination as well as communication. Now you have learnt definition of pronouns and its classification. So ahead topic Pronoun Exercises With Answers for testing yourself and imagine what is your performance?